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Amazon News Update For E-commerce Entrepreneurs

Amazon selling What’s the latest Amazon news affecting online sellers and marketers?

Will Protectionist Policies Hamstring Amazon? Execs Say, “Yes.”

Wall Street analysts are buzzing about a section in Amazon’s annual report entitled: Government Regulation Is Evolving and Unfavorable Changes Could Harm Our Business.

According to the e-commerce behemoth, “trade and protectionist measures” could hinder growth over the coming months. Why? Reductively speaking, higher taxes lead to higher consumer costs. When prices rise, and incomes remain stagnant, retail — of all stripes — suffers. Since the current administration favors border tariff measures, prices are likely to rise; hence, Amazon’s latest risk assessment.

More Clues About The Number of Prime Members

We’re humans; we crave answers to the unknown; questions like, Exactly how many Amazon Prime members walk the globe, and why won’t the company say!? keep us up at night.

Mercifully, for analysts, the company’s latest financial report may shed light on the long-debated figure. On account of some key aspects of the annual disclosure, the street now estimates that Prime membership hovers around 65 million.

Will the base keep growing? Internationally, yes. In North America? Maybe not. Amazon’s success is overwhelming, but some pundits think that“Prime” membership may have reached pique saturation in the United States and Canada — which is another good reason to start selling into different regions.

Amazon v. Wal-Mart: The Shipping Price Battle Rages On

Did you know that Amazon lowered its free shipping price? Previously, $49 triggered the perk. However, word on the streets is that the company lowered its bar to Wal-Mart’s standard — $35. Uncharacteristically, the Menlo Park crew didn’t opt for a splashy press rollout to announce the price cut, effectively raising the pundit class’ collective eyebrow.

Cautiously, a market analyst referred to the decision as one of the “first times we’ve seen a real reactionary response by Amazon.”

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