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Who Is Selling On Amazon? New Study Gives Insight.

amazon sellers surveyWho are the third party sellers on Feedvisor recently tackled the question, culminating in a study of 1,600 Amazon sellers. Called The State of the Amazon Marketplace 2017, the report is an overview of the who, what, when, and where of online product merchants.

The State of the Amazon Marketplace 2017: Study Result Synopsis

  • Amazon is online retail home to 80% of respondents.
  • Only 9% of sellers currently use both and
  • 65% of respondents sold on both Amazon and eBay.
  • One-third of sellers who took the survey sold some private label products, while 18% exclusively sold private label products.
  • 18% of sellers dealt with home and kitchen goods, making it the most popular niche.
  • 84% of Amazon-anchored businesses have between 1 and 5 employees; 2% have more than 50 employees.
  • Demographically speaking, 33% of respondents were from the South and West respectively; 15% were from the Midwest, and 18% hailed from the Northwest. On The Rise

Interestingly, 29% of the survey participants revealed plans to expand onto in the coming year. Ohad Hagai, VP of marketing for Feedvisor, explained that since Walmart’s “requirements [are] now less strict, more sellers are going there.” Hagai was referring to Walmart’s decision to transition from an invitation-only model to an open platform.

Beware of Amazon’s Algorithm?

Another remarkable result: 52% of respondents said they worry about Amazon yanking their selling privileges — and 45% objected to the competition they face from Amazon, itself. For years, some sellers have accused Amazon of using algorithms to sniff out the lowest product prices, and then undercutting those prices — putting third party sellers at a disadvantage. But Hagai disputes the notion, saying, “I know some people say they’ve experienced that, but I’ve never seen proof of it.”

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