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E-Commerce Enables Man To Turn Life Around

Lately, a lot of “rags-to-riches” stories feature an e-commerce element. In fact, Alibaba posted such a tale on its blog, and we thought we’d cover it, too. Why? Because it’s a testament to the viability of online retail and the new class of successful entrepreneurs. Health Problems Caused Hardship Michael Leip leveraged his illness and Read More

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E-commerce private label law: Amazon sellers survey

Who Is Selling On Amazon? New Study Gives Insight.

Who are the third party sellers on Feedvisor recently tackled the question, culminating in a study of 1,600 Amazon sellers. Called The State of the Amazon Marketplace 2017, the report is an overview of the who, what, when, and where of online product merchants. The State of the Amazon Marketplace 2017: Study Result Synopsis Read More

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Amazon selling

Amazon News Update For E-commerce Entrepreneurs

What’s the latest Amazon news affecting online sellers and marketers? Will Protectionist Policies Hamstring Amazon? Execs Say, “Yes.” Wall Street analysts are buzzing about a section in Amazon’s annual report entitled: Government Regulation Is Evolving and Unfavorable Changes Could Harm Our Business. According to the e-commerce behemoth, “trade and protectionist measures” could hinder growth over Read More

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Alibaba is suing user for selling counterfeit goods

Alibaba Is Suing Users Over Counterfeits: Suspicious Timing or Sign of Change?

In an ironic twist of events, ecommerce hub Alibaba is suing over alleged counterfeit goods (instead of being sued). But the suit has cynics wondering: Is this a toothless PR maneuver on Alibaba’s part; a tack to distract from its recent reputation setback? Let’s quickly review the case, and then…speculate. Alibaba Is Suing Users Over Read More

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Apple Uncovers Counterfeiting On Amazon

Apple sued online retailers after discovering that 90% of Amazon-purchased Apple power accessories were fakes. The Amazon Apple Counterfeit Sting: Summary Sting Operation: Apple employees hopped on Amazon and anonymously bought a bunch of product accessories (chargers, cables, etc.) bearing the “genuine Apple” label. Sting Operation Findings: According to Apple, 90% of the purchased products Read More

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Private Label Law: Manufacturing Contracts Overview

Are counterfeiters and dodgy vendors disrupting your private label business? Yes? Here’s a bit of advice: next time, don’t use free contract templates. Instead, invest in custom-drafted agreements that specifically address your situation. Solid contracts are a godsend when legal troubles rear their tortious heads. Think you can’t afford a custom contract? Guess again. Lawyer-crafted, Read More

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